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Natasha Clark Hair and Beauty Poole


DRY CUT - Recommended to those who wish to keep the style they currently have (trim the ends) can be a quick, affordable fix for old/dry ends. £14
WET CUT - Recommended for a trim or potential restyle adding the luxury of a salon shampoo and condition. £16
CUT & BLOWDRY - This is the best option to have if you are wanting to change your hairstyle, allowing your stylist to wash, condition and cut your hair with extra precision, seeing how it reacts to the elements both wet and dry. This is also offered to those only wanting a trim, having the luxury of the professional finish. £27


We offer an extensive range of colour services, ranging from colour stripping, high lights, low lights, bleaching, permanent, semi permanent, dip dye, natural or vibrant.



Colour removal - £15

T-Section foils - £35

Half head foils - £40

Full head foils - £45

Regrowth colour - £30

All over colour change - £35

Toner - £15

Parting colour - £22

Hair cut colour

Cut and colour combinations

T-section, cut & blowdry - £60

Half head, cut & blowdry - £65

Full head, cut & blowdry - £70

Regrowth, cut & blowdry - £55

All over colour, cut & blowdry - £60

Hair cut colour

Chemical Straightening

Ignore the myths that chemical straightening always damages hair, performed correctly it can completely transform uncontrollable hair...for the better! Wellastrate is a powerful and reliable straightener which, thanks to its new cationic formula base, also ensures ideal structural balance at the same time. Its special Hydro Safe Complex increases the hair's own capacity to retain moisture, whilst the reserves of moisture formed in this way prevent the hair structure from drying out. £50 - £100